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All sandwiches are served with tots!

Breakfast Burger

potato roll, single patty, cheddar, bacon, egg, mess sauce

Egg and Cheese

potato roll, egg, cheddar, mess sauce. Add options: bacon, sausage and/or fried chicken +$3

Tot Bowl 

tots, egg, cheese sauce, bacon, green onions, choice of sauce. Add options: chopped patty or fried chicken 

Breakfast Burrito 

tots, egg, cheese, bacon, chipotle mayo. Add options: chopped patty or fried chicken

Vegan Breakfast Burrito** 

Vegan patty, tots, vegan cheese, tomato, pickled onions, vegan secret sauce   **contains tree nuts

Burgers + Sandwiches 

All burgers are served with tots!


Potato roll, patties, cheddar, bacon, onion straws, caramelized onion, mess sauce

Old Fashioned 

potato roll, patties, cheddar, lettuce, tomato, onion straws, secret sauce
Add on option: bacon

Chicken Sandy 

potato roll, fried tenders, pickled onions, hot honey


potato roll, single patty, cheddar, fried tenders, lettuce, tomato, secret sauce

Vegan Smashburger** 

roll, veg patty, kind cultures vegan cheddar, lettuce, tomato, pickled onion, vegan secret sauce. **contains tree nuts


potato roll, mound of bacon, lettuce, tomato, mess sauce

Tot Bowls

Scott’s Tots

tots, cheddar, chopped patty or fried chicken, bacon, pickled onions, chipotle mayo, green onions

Vegan Tot Bowl**

tots, kind cultures vegan cheese, vegan secret sauce, pickled onions, green onions. Addon option: vegan patty   **contains tree nuts

For the Kids

Served with tots!

Chicken Tendies


Single Burger


Mess Hall Shakes

Vanilla Shake / 5
Chocolate Shake / 5
Creamsicle / 6
Nutella Wafer / 6
Cinnamon Toast Crunch / 6
Oreo / 6
Mess Hall Wilmington NC Milkshakes


Blueberry Lavender Kombucha Can / 4
Triple Berry Ginger Kombucha Can / 4
Rotating Draft Kombucha / 5
Fountain Soda / 2.5
Sweet Tea / 2
Unsweet Tea / 2
Mexican Coke / 2.5
Jarritos / 2.5
LaCroix / 1.5
Bottled Water / 2


White Trash Mimosa / 4

beer & sunny d

Tokyo Iced Tea / 8

vodka, gin, rum, tequila, Melone, sour mix, Mellow Yellow, lemon wedge

Cuba Libre / 7

Coke, rum, lime wedge

Margarita / 7

tequila, sour mix, triple sec

Old Fashion / 8

whiskey, sugar, bitters, orange, cherry

Wine and Beer / rotating list


Mess Hall downtown Wilmington Burger Restaurant

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